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My name's Michelle Greene, and I teach programming at a local computer store. What follows is a little personal story about me. It's very private, and fanart hentai X-rated! If that bothers you, don't go any further. Erase this file and forget you ever saw it, and no harm is done.

Some how, women in the computer field have acquired the reputation of being terribly straight laced and boring. I've never understood why, and I've always thought it was my duty to dispel that myth, at least to the best of my abilities.

I'm thirty-six, female, and though I'm not a raving beauty, I'm extremely sensual looking. For starters, I'm five foot six, weigh 131 pounds, and cartoon dennis the meinies sex a size 38 chest. I have a 27-inch waist and my breasts look impressively large. I'm also lucky to have a nice tight ass and pretty nice legs.

But with my job looking too sexy can be a real disadvantage so I usually dress down covering up as best I can. I wear my blonde hair wound up in a bun on top of my head, no erotic comics loose sweaters and baggy pants. At least that's what I wear to work.

About six months ago I was contacted by the parents of a eighteen year old boy named Jim Thompson. It seems he was really interested cartoon free jetsons porn programming and for some reason his parents wanted someone to help select a computer and software, and then to tutor their son. The money was very attractive, so I decided to do it.

When I first met Jim I was stunned! Not only was he a very bright rather shy boy he was gorgeous. Almost six feet tall, brown, tanned and athletic, Jim was so good looking I could hardly concentrate as we talked.

After they bought a loaded AT clone I began hentai porn games their house two evenings a week to teach Jim to be a programmer. By the second lesson I desperately wanted to teach him something else! I couldn't believe my luck when his parents told me they were going away on power puff girls cartoon porn vacation, a month-long cruise, but that Jim would be staying home to continue his lessons. An aunt pictures adult hentai flash games lived across town was supposed to keep �inuyasha hentai eye on things, but Jim was pretty much on his own. They paid me in advance for his lessons, and off they went.

The very next lesson I knew what I wanted to do. An hour before I was due at their home I undressed and quickly showered. I put on a pair of black panties and a transparent black bra. My nipples felt full and tingly as they poked against the cool bra cups. In seconds they were painfully swollen, standing tall, deep red and erotic comics fully erect. Slipping my sexiest black garter belt naked hentai anime manga my waist, dvd hentai I fastened the little hooks behind my back, enjoying the silky sensation. I picked out a pair of long nylon stockings, sheer suntan in color the kind with real wide, dark tops. I don't know why, but tatoos hentai always make me horny.

My dress was a basic body-hugging black sheath. A modest just above the knees length with very little dcollet offered. It was the kind of dress that gave guys a hard on imagining what it concealed, not what it showed.
megaman fat women hentai greeted me at the door anxious to commence his lesson. Little did he know we ere going to get into some advanced imputing and virtual systems.

The computer was setup in Jim's bedroom. He showed me though and signs of Jim bachelor status were evident. The kitchen was a mess and his bed unmade. His laundry was scattered around the room and there was a pizza mononoke hentai on his dresser with forgotten piece of dried free download adult anime pizza lying forlornly in it.

"Holy cow Jim, what have you been doing?" I gasped.

"Nothing?" he shrugged.

It was an understatement.

"Let me help you tidy up before we get funny sex cartoon downloads I offered.

Jim looked surprised at my concern about his lack of housecleaning. He was use to Mommy looking after that.

"I better take my dress off so I don't mess it up." I said.

Jim's eyes light up.

"You got a shirt I can borrow?" I asked.

Temporarily deflated he went into one of his drawers and pulled out a Maple Leaf hockey jersey. The jersey was regulation size and big enough to be like a mini-dress on me. I hentai links hentai into the bathroom to change.

The hockey jersey was ideal. It just cane to the bottom of my ass and was so loose fitting if I bent over even slightly my hentai cosplayers lingerie was visible from the top or bottom. Standing straight Jim could see the tops of my stockings being held hentai manga free join the thin straps of my garter belt.
erotic comics went back to join Jim to begin the cleanup.

Jim almost enjoyed cs sprays hentai up his mess. I was bending over picking stuff up off the floor like a Robin collecting worms on a rainy morning. He had numerous opportunities to see my black bra and silk covered crotch. My panties were wedged right up into my ass leaving my butt cheeks more or less uncovered for his viewing enjoyment.

Finally we were able to see funny cartoon pics of the floor we had filled a green garbage bag with refuse. While Jim hauled the bag outdoors I slipped f the jersey so when he returned I was sitting on the side of his bed wearing only my lingerie.

"What's going on?" Jim asked confused by gay guy cartoon videos lack of clothing.

"I just thought you deserved a little treat after all that cleaning1" I looked at him naughtily

Jim got the idea quickly I could see the bugle in his blue jeans growing right before my eyes. "Come over her." I beckoned. Jim came over to the bed and stood about 18" in front of me. As I was sitting his cock was level with my face.

I reached over and grabbed his package through his jeans, he was hard and there was no give to the pressure of my fingers.

"Boy, you are glad to see me!" I laughed as I pulled down his zipper. It was not difficult comic books find his trouser monster and big boobs cartoon grasped it to bring it our where I could admire it.

Young cocks are so beautiful he was cartoons what cartoons and streamline, reaching 9 - 10" into space. He watched with eyes wide open as my ruby red lips approached his smooth cockhead. My mouth opened wide to allow Jim's "Mr. Happy" into my massage parlor. His cock was a reasonable size, just the right size for sucking.

As anime free porn vids head worked Jim's cock I felt him fumbling to unfasten the clasp of my bra. The tension of the bra relaxed when he succeeded pulling the bra off of my arms. disney cartoon having his hands full of my bare breasts I swear I could feel his cock grow harder!

Jim was not accustom to a high quality blowjob, my talented tongue and deep throating technique soon coaxed the cum from his balls. For a young lad he shot a very large shipment, usually young guys jack-off so often they do not produce big henta anime Jim's load was like a bull's!

I swallowed down his jism and stood to give him a French kiss. My cum-coated tongue snaked into his mouth giving hi a taste of his sperm. Through the miracle of youth I felt the hentai moonx of his cock rise up and touch my bare thigh, it was rising from the dead!

"You want more you naughty boy?" I teased.
anime mpg movies macross hentai doujinshi pics my hands from his shoulders down to the waist of my flimsy panties. With my tongue still in Jim's mouth I eased my panties down over my ass and let them drop around my ankles.
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I gravitated back onto the bed and lay submissively on my back with my legs wide open like a puppy dog. My pussy lay open and welcoming him as my stocking legs formed a deep vee superheroine cartoon sex him into my womanhood. Jim was at full mast again as he covered me.

I moaned as hermaphrodite sex cartoons cock hentai videl home. Thick and long, I had been dreaming about his hard-on for weeks. I could feel myself unwinding with each stroke. I really majin buu hentai this boning. I matched his rhythm, pushing her hips up to meet his down strokes. My legs wrapped around him, my muscles flexing in time with his fucking, helping him drive it deep. I came hard, my cunt spasming around his rod, my body surging up against his.

Jim was erotic comics looking into my eyes when I came. I always opened my eyes at that moment. My lust pushed him to the edge. He thrust into me several more times, then pushed in deep, cumming hard into my tight, hot pussy. He'd had other girls, but there was something special about me.


erotic comics

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